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When Do Babies Stop Wearing Diapers – Legit Ways

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

So, you may think when do babies stop wearing diapers. In the diapers cycle, babies tend to use more than 2,500 diapers in the first year. It costs you a lot. Because this extra burden on your money is never pleasant. You can save a lot of money while your baby stops wearing diapers. Most of the parents complain about the excessive cost of diapers in their parenthood. And this is the only thing that makes their experience bitter.

Every newborn is nourished in a different way. So, each of them leaves wearing diapers at their own time. But when is the right time to stop wearing diapers?

know when do babies stop wearing diapers

When Should I Stop Using Diapers For My Baby?

One of the hardest time parents is to stop using diapers for their babies. It’s not as easy as you think. For example, if you think you’re going to tell your baby not pee or poop anywhere without the tiny toilet pot fixed for him, then it’s a quite foolishness. The babies can only follow your direction when they are 5 years or more. Before that, you’ve to train them for the potty.

First of all, you’ve to be very patient while you’re trying to make your baby potty trained. The best time when you can start potty training is after two years. Some children start developing potty training in two years. So, you are lucky if your baby is potty trained at a very little age.

To make your baby potty trained, you’ve to follow some particular steps. These steps are going to make the baby stop wearing diapers.

Steps To Follow To Stop The Baby Wearing Diapers:

It’s just a matter of time and steps you’re following. Your baby is going to stop wearing diapers after a certain time. But still, you have to take the initiative steps.

Take The Steps:

Nothing seems easier but you still have to act for it. It’s not how much you know or how much you can take, it’s all about how you can endure. In the beginning, it will seem very hard for you. And you may feel that it is impossible for you to achieve. But trust me you will achieve though there is no possibility you will see. When we have to deal a baby at such a little age it’s like do or die position. Babies do their own way. And you will face difficulties to make the way you want. Still, you’ve to stay determined and be prepared for the errors. Some moms get frustrated and they do provoke to their babies. And it’s the way to treat a little angel. You have to behave polite and sensitive from the beginning to the end.

Choose The Right Season:

So, you may wonder why the season is very important for stopping to use diapers? Well, there is two connected with the seasons. But, let me first tell which season do I prefer the most. I started my diapers stopping struggle in the summer. Because the baby will feel comfortable with the fewer clothes and the summer seasons is a great time to spend time on it. If you choose winter, baby won’t be as comfortable as he is in the winter.

So, you can try to stop making wear diapers to your baby in the hot summer. It will offer the baby an enjoyable time in full freedom. Because he can roam around in the minimum clothes and even, he makes some accidental pees or poops you will have to clean every little clothes.

Increase Communication Skill:

Once you have taken the decisions and chosen the weather, you’ve to take go the next step. And the most important step is communication skill. Your communication skill with the baby is very important to make him do according to your wish.

Build a relationship with the baby where he can understand your language. There is a proven statement that children can understand their mothers before they can understand anyone. And they start communicating with their moms once they’re able to sit on their own.

Many moms don’t try to communicate with their child. And it’s a bad practice. You can easily communicate with your baby and explain to them what you want.

Help Him To Build Habit:

Habit builds a man and man builds a habit. This is a vice versa combination between man and habit. A man can’t easily transform a habit but habit eventually builds a man.

So, you can try to build a habit for your baby too when it’s the matter of potty training. Make a schedule and take him to do pee in the commode. That is how you can stop the usage of diapers.

It’s not that every time you are taking your baby to potty will pee or poops but this will make him alert that he needs to be in the potty when he feels the pressure of pees and poops.

Offer Him Some Reward:

Well, you can play a little bit of fun game with your baby. Once you start communicating with your baby you can make him know that you are going to offer him a toy or a thing that he loves desperately if he does potty on the fixed place or make you alert about it. Start with a reward even he fails to notify you in the beginning but after a certain time; he will feel motivated to let you know that he wants to go for the potty.

 How To Know If Your Baby Is Eligible For Potty Training:

This is a real confusion for all the moms out there. But you’ve to know the right to start potty training. If you start at the wrong time, the result will never be positive.

I started potty training while my baby was 2 years old. I thought he was ready for it. But, you can be different and more alerting. He can learn before 2 years or he can take more time. So, it depends on his will power.

Look for these things in your child before you start potty training!

  • Does your child give reactions when you try to interact with him? If he gives reactions that means he understands you and able to follow what you say.
  • If babies indicate that their pant is wet or dirty that is another good sign. You can make him realize that rather than making the pant dirty he can notify you.
  • When your child can put off and put on pants without any help, that’s the high time for putting off diapers use.
  • Does your baby stay dry for more than 3 hours? However, you can start potty training.
  • Most of the child doesn’t show any curiosity about using toilets until they feel dirty to wet their pants. If you see the baby is more comfortable and interested to go into the toilets rather than making the pants wet is a good sign. And you can take the step!

Final Words:

There is some parent who just doesn’t know when to stop baby diapering. Here I’ve mentioned all the details in a short view to make the babies potty training.

Do not compare every child in the same way. Your baby may take more time or less time for learning potty training. So, you have to do your best when you’re just on the mission. Make sure the baby is just comfortable. Don’t apply force if he is not ready. Give him a little bit more time because it can take time sometimes to build a practice.

If you’ve your own stories with your child, don’t forget to write to us. We will be glad if you share your real story with us in the comment section. We along with our dedicated writers will be thankful to you!

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