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5 Proven Tips to Get Your Newborn to Sleep in The Crib

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2019)

Now when you have bought the beautiful crib for your newborn (after all you cannot put your baby angel in your arms whole day), you must make your baby comfortable to sleep in the crib. But it’s not an easy task may be.

Babies are tiny no doubt, but they are unique in their likes and dislikes. In fact, every baby is different, and their comfort level also varies. Your baby is no exception. You need to read your baby’s mind minutely.

To grow your baby’s habit to sleep on crib, you have to follow the trial and error method. Its time- consuming, tiring, and sometimes disappointing too. But you have to keep on trying.

There are several instances that a baby may not like to sleep on a crib. In these cases, parents have to groom the baby’s habit for sleeping in the baby cot. But what say the crib-user parents?

It’s rightly said that practice makes a thing perfect. So if you try wholeheartedly, you will surely get to manage this bay-crib challenge. To win the challenge of developing your baby’s habit to sleep on the crib, you may try some proven sleep remedies.

Here 5 tips are shared from parents which will help you to train your baby to sleep in the crib. Although you can be rest assured that there is no formula of making your baby comfortable to sleep on crib overnight with thee suggestions.

Make It a Routine

Your time should start from the 3-month age of the baby that from bassinet the little kid should be shifted to the crib at least at the sleeping time. Make it a routine very softly… but diligently.

Proven Tips to get your newborn to sleep in the crib

Place the baby in the crib when he is ready to sleep. It will be an association of sleep and crib for the kid, which he will get accustomed to gradually. Stay beside him but don’t take him off the crib.

Once the baby is used to this crib placement in his sleeping time, he will be ready to sleep in the crib whenever his sleeping time is.

Make The Room Slightly Dark and Keep it Pleasantly Conditioned

Darkroom creates better ambiance for all of us, and we get quickly induced to sleep. This rule is applicable for your little angel too. Dim the light and keep the room’s temperature soothing.

When the darkness of the room and the comfort of the baby bed will be paired, we can bet your little baby will love to sleep on the crib. But stay beside it, till he gets in deep sleep.

Keep The Crib Near to Your Bed

5 Proven Tips to get your newborn to sleep in the crib

One of the proven remedies of comforting your baby to sleep on the crib is to keep the crib near your bed. Your baby should feel the security of your presence. In fact, it will help you to monitor the baby even in the night.

The nearness of the baby crib to your bed will assure you always that your angel is all okay. Furthermore, you can be alert at the slightest hint of his discomfort. This is safe for the baby too.

Try Swaddling, Maybe it Will Help You

Some babies love swaddling as they feel the comfort and coziness of their mother’s womb. But it may not work with your baby. So you have to try this method with an eagle eye.

However, do you know how to swaddle your baby? Didn’t try it on intuition. Rather, ask your pediatrician to help you in learning the right way to swaddle your kiddo.

Always keep in mind that some babies do not like wrapping. In these cases, don’t try the method. Try to soothe the kid with sound and by gently rocking of the crib. In most of the cases, the sound and rocking remedy has worked so fat. Hopefully, it will work for you too.

Cling to The Habit of Your Baby for Sleeping on The Crib

Persistent effort mostly brings a good result. So is about your baby’s habit for sleeping in the crib. When you have decided to make your baby sleep on the baby crib, it has to stick to your plan. Believe us, it is good for him too.

You may not get a good and instant result in your endeavor, but you cannot give up. You have to repeat the process of placing your baby on the crib at the sleep-time. Let the baby associate peaceful sleep and the baby crib together.

Once the baby gets the hang of sleeping in the crib, he will start enjoying his sleep on the baby bed. Ensure that the baby remains safe and well monitored by you or by the attending nurse.


These are the five tips you can follow to put your newborn on the crib for his sleeping. This may not be an overnight process, but with goof level of persistence, you will surely get to enjoy the success in baby’s sleep management on the crib.

Let us know if these 5 tips have worked for you. Also, let us know if you have adopted any other method to groom your baby’s habit to sleep on the crib.

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