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How to Make Baby Alive Diapers Without Any Cost

It's not only you, but there are also many moms out there who want to know how to make baby alive diapers. So, that's the reason I'm writing how you will make a diaper for your daughter's doll.

Being a mother, I know what is better for my daughter. So, I'm always searching and trying to figure out the best way to make my daughter happy with her doll’s world. And that won’t even cost me a lot of money. 

How to Make Baby Alive Diapers

How Do I Make Diapers For Baby Alive or Doll?

I brought a baby alive for my 2-year daughter 2 months ago. She loves to nurture her doll all day long. And I always make sure she is getting everything around to pamper her doll. 

So, your daughter has a baby alive and she spends quality time with her. That means, your daughter is enjoying her time with the doll.

You can make her time more enjoyable when you are providing all the essentials for the doll. So that she can use them and make the best nurturing moment. 

Here I’m going to tell you the secret that cost me nothing but beautiful diapers for the baby alive. 

Things That I Used: 

  • Socks
  • Scissors

Are you surprised to look at the ingredients? Well, I was also shocked but the result made me mesmerized. 

Let's know how you can make baby alive diapers.  

Step 1: 

We all have socks in our home. You don't need to rush to the market to buy a new pair of socks. That's a different choice if you want brand new colorful socks for your child. See I already told you it won't cost you until you want new. So, the choice is yours!

Take two/three different color socks and make sure they are clean even you are taking old and used socks. Once you have chosen the socks, we can go to the next step. 

Step 2: 

Now, put your hand inside the socks and measure the size of your palm. You can indicate the palm size and bring out the hand from the socks. So, you are going to cut the socks according to the size of your palm.  Or you can divide the socks into three parts and cut the part which is the end of the sock.

Step 3: 

Take scissors and cut the socks following the size. When you have cut the socks, you have to put the sock in the flat surface.

Then you have to cut both side smacks of the socks so that the feet of the baby alive can get into it.

So, here you get ready- to-wear-diaper. This diaper is reusable and washable. And it didn't cost any money.

Final Words: 

There are many commercial baby alive diapers which are costly. And they are not washable. So, if they get dirty you have to throw them away.  But you can make diapers for your daughter’s doll without any expense. Follow my instruction and give your daughter expanded opportunity to enjoy her quality playtime. 

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2019)

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