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How to control your climbing toddler in the crib

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2019)

How amazing it is to watch your little one grow in rocket speed! The whole transformation from a newborn to a toddler is pretty exciting and at times, overwhelming too!

The series of shock starts right after your tiny tot has skillfully pulled himself/herself to stand on his/her feet on their own! Well, make up your mind to face some shocking surprises every new day!

Usually, these expected shocks show up when your baby is about to celebrate his/her second year birthday or near to complete their 3’rd year.

Your toddler is a climber

Well, being a supermom myself, I admit the fact that once your little one decodes the trick to stand up on their own, it is next to impossible to control them. So, the very moment you see your child trying to perform their “Standing session,” be prepared to welcome some more unexpected events!

Who knows? After a few more attempts, the next thing you know is your little master has succeeded to climb out of the crib by (un)successfully landing on the floor!

What to do now? Well, at the beginning stage, you can lower the position of the mattress by adjusting it to the required settings. Thus, your little one might not reach to that height at least for few more days.

Well, as a safety measure, you can spread the soft cushions, bedspreads, and even a thick rug around the crib. Thus, even if you are not around your child while he/she exhibit their climbing skills, you can be relieved that they are not hurt as the crib is softly secured all over.

Thus, you do not have to worry about their harsh landings which might result in banging their head on the floor or slipping over and falling down.

And no! You cannot just place the soft cushions only around the crib and be relieved. Because after jumping out of the crib, the very first thing your tiny tot wants to do is to explore your home by happily wandering around!

You need to baby proof your home so that even if your naughty one is on his/her way to explore the house, you can be sure that they won’t get hurt. The sharp edges of the racks, the TV stand, doorknobs, chairs, table, even the plastic toy decors which look pretty in showcases (but not to play), and everything around.

As an experienced parent of the naughtiest child, all I can say is that, if they are trying to climb OUT of the crib today, then, no wonder if they try to climb ON the crib tomorrow!

So, as a parent of the child who has been certified in all the levels of mischievousness and naughtiness, the next tactic you can try to extend the crib days of your child is by turning it over.

As one side of the crib is comparatively higher than the other, you can try turning it over, meaning you can push the side of the crib with shorter height against the walls and thus, you can have the higher side of the crib facing in front.

How to control your climbing toddler in the crib
Photo Credit: Jessica Merz flickr.com

This makes the child stay inside the crib as it cannot reach the top of the crib at least for a few more days.

As I said earlier, the toddlers will not have self-control once they learn to stand up on their own. Thus, this “Turning over” tactic can be a temporary fix wherein your skillful child is more likely to climb on it or straddle on the crib rails!

Phew! Smart kids you see! Now is the time to be a smart parent of the smart kid! You can rescue your naughty monster by making them wear a sleep sack. Yes, this trick can prevent your baby from climbing the crib or trying out any other mischievous activities which by the way are self-inventory!

But, once your baby has crossed this level too by maneuvering themselves out of the sleep sack from your “temporary rescue,” it is time to take up the challenge!

As they find the crib itself as a toy on which they can climb on and perform other stunts, they find it curious and exciting which makes them continue climbing off the crib. Thus, you can take off the rails in front of the crib. This reduces the temptation of climbing the crib.

Also, they will enjoy their nap time and play time without any “climbing up and falling down” scenario! Taking off the rails let your kids walk in and out of the crib all day happily. Thus, you can also be relieved as you do not have to face their tantrums for getting off the crib!

control your climbing toddler in the crib
Photo Credit: Jessica Merz flickr.com

If you perhaps have to go out for some urgent or important work leaving your tiny tot in the home, the last tactic you can adapt is by convincing them that you will be back soon and bring their favorite toy only if they do not try to get off the crib. Some obey so!

Well, how’s your kid like? Ruling the entire house or like some soft toy with whom the whole family loves to play? Do let us know how did/do you manage to extend your little one’s crib days?

I am sure your little one is a terror too! After all, every kid comes up with their own inventory special tactics! So, what’s your kid’s “Crib” story?

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