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Costzon Baby Playard, Foldable Travel Bassinet Bed- Travel Ready with Oxford Carry Bag (Espresso)

Well, as a new soon-to-be parent, I was making a list of the necessities that my tiny tot might need when he/she arrives. And I found that the list may never have an end!

I wondered if I can bring home one fantastic equipment which is compatible with being able to get the work done of the rest of the things out there on the list! And guess what? I did it! Wondering how? Here it is!

Costzon Baby Playard, Foldable Travel Bassinet Bed – Travel Ready with Oxford Carry Bag (Espresso)

Costzon Baby Playard is one such amazing baby product which is a fusion of several other baby components. Here are the details:

Superior Construction:

This Playard is built with the stainless steel frame with a classic touch of Oxford fabric.

Thus, with an alluring look, the crib is all set to brighten up your place by creating a pleasant ambiance.

Playful Features:

Not only designed in an attractive manner, but this beautiful crib possesses some useful features which satisfy the basic needs of every individual as a parent:

Removable Bassinet:

It Playard comes along with a bassinet where your newborn can have a peaceful sleep. Since your baby is going to grow in rocket speed, the bassinet will no more be needed for your baby.

Thus, you can easily remove the bassinet from the playard and start using it as a playard for your toddler. 

Changing Table:

When you are on the go, you need not worry about looking for a washroom whenever you want to change your baby's diaper.

The Costzon Baby Playard has got just the right thing for you! You can make use of the crib as a changing table which by the way is water resistant. Also, you can flip it over whenever it is not used.

Spacious Playard:

With a super fast growing kid, you need to have the arrangements done as quick as possible! So, just when your infant tries to stand up and begins to walk, that is when you need a comfortable and a spacious playard!

It Playard can be transformed into the comfiest, cheerful, and wide playard wherein your little one is allowed to certify in its naughtiness under your supervision!

Also, you would love to know that there is a zipper entrance so that the baby can crib in and out!

Durability and Safety:

You can move around this one your entire place easily with the help of 2 wheels with brakes as a safety measure.

Thus, you can be relieved as you can see your baby next to you and therefore get your important work done.

See-Through Mesh:

The sole idea of using a see-through mesh all over is to let the baby feel and breathe fresh air. Also, it brightens up the playard with bright light during the entire day. Also, you can always keep an eye on your mischievous baby of what he/she is up to?

Easy to Carry:

Whenever your baby is playing outside the crib, or you may want to clean the floor, you can simply fold the crib and place it in its bag and store it in a corner. You can easily put it in a closet if it is no longer used.

Secret Storage:

When you are on the go, there is always huge luggage that contains your baby's essentials to accompany you. Thus, to save you from this, it Playard has got the pocket and compartments in the baggage.

You can now easily carry the essentials and use them whenever needed without any hassle.

Getting a tick mark to satisfying every need and specification of the consumers, the Costzon Baby Playard is definitely one of the best and most comfortable playard for both the baby and their parents!

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2019)

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