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How To Bleach Cloth Diapers – The Best Guideline

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

Bleach isn’t safe for the clothes and especially for babies. But if you know the proper guideline bleaching the diapers is safe. Today I’m going to discuss how to bleach cloth diapers without damaging the clothes and in the safest way.

Moms who use disposable diapers with the reusable functionality often opt to chlorine bleaching for sanitizing the diapers. However, cotton diapers get stains easily throughout usage. Stains are too awful to look at. So, you may want to remove them from the diapers.

how to bleach cloth diapers

When Is The Right Time To Bleach Diapers?

Using bleach on clothes is considered to be one of the most harmful methods. But you can still use it on the cloth diapers. You’ve to use the right kind of bleach on the cloth in the right amount. You also have to make sure the length of the time is not too much for applying bleach on the cloth element.

An excessive amount of chlorine bleach destroys the cotton fabric intensity and sometimes it can cause allergic to a reaction to the skin like itching or red patches.

It’s not eligible to wash diapers with bleach regularly or every time you’re washing diapers. You can use bleach for occasional use. Like after 2 to 3 months, when you think you need a heavy cleaning for the diapers, only then you recommend applying bleach on the diapers. It’s not that if you do a lot of bleaching wash, it will keep the diapers hygiene and stain free.

There are certain times when you need to wash diapers with chlorine bleach. So, let’s know when is the right time to bleach cloth diapers?

Let’s guide you for the details!

  1. You Don’t Want To Throw That Special Diapers!

We all have some special things in our life that we never want to lose or throw. You probably bought some diapers for your newborn from an online-based shop or site, and those diapers got stock out for some unwanted reasons. But the diapers are worthy to keep for longer times. So, you need to think of a way to use those diapers for a maximum period without damaging them. Now the term comes, how to increase their longevity?

Cloth diapers mostly get dirty and old in terms of use. After a couple of months, their color faded from the real color tone.

You wash them, iron them and keep them in the best place. But still, they get rotten over time. So, this is the time when you can bleach the clothing diapers.

  1. If Ammonia Appears!

It’s very awful but common if ammonia arises in the cloth diapers. Though you’re going through a hard washing routine, ammonia appears in the cloth. And you can remove ammonia from cotton cloth with only detergent wash. But there is a high chance that ammonia doesn’t completely vanish away. So, what’s the way for eliminating the ammonia properly from the cloth diapers?

The proper and the best way to clean ammonia is to strip first. Then you can bleach to eliminate it. You have to continue the bleaching wash routine to make sure the ammonia doesn’t appear again.

  1. Does Your Baby Suffer From Rashes?

Baby’s skin is delicate and prone to get rashes easily. But they get rashes for several reasons. One of the major reasons is a yeast infection. Yeast infection can cause the baby either the baby wears disposable or cloth diapers.

Yeast never gets destroyed only by washing. They can remain alive in the multiple wash cycle. And they reform their cells when you put on the diapers to your baby. That’s why red rashes are mostly visible to the baby’s back and hips.

This is the most sensitive case where you have to consult a doctor to make sure if the rashes are a yeast infection or not! If the doctor confirms that yeast infection is causing rashes, you need to bleach cloth diapers. And it’s better to avoid cotton diapers for further treatment and switch to disposable diapers until your baby gets recovery.

Step By Step Process To Bleach Cloth Diapers: 

How to bleach cloth diapers safely, right? This is the concern for now? That’s why you’re here!

Here I’m going to tell do’s and don’ts for bleaching.

  • Are you done selecting diapers which need to be disinfected? You can’t directly take them for bleaching. First of all, clean the diapers separately with water. Also, make sure, you’re drying off them.
  • Now, prepare for the bleaching. Do you have the right kind of bleaching? There are several kinds of bleaching available in the market. Every particular kind is not for bleaching cloth. To disinfecting cloth materials, you need a special and different type of bleach. You need to check out labeling! If the label says the bleach is scented, color guard, splash less, and deodorizing, that bleach isn’t for you. You need to look for the “disinfecting” feature on the label. Or if you see 5.25% sodium hypochlorite on the label, that one is accurate for you. So, buy that one!
  • Take a bucket or tub and fill with cold water. Pour ½ cup of bleach in the water and mix well.
  • Now, you can put diapers and other clothes that you want to disinfect.
  • Keep them as usual for 30 minutes and then wash off with hot water.
  • Then again rinsed with detergent and hot water.
  • Before you put them on your baby, rinse them 2-3 times with water and dry off properly.
  • I love to iron diapers and then keep them folding.

Alternatives To Bleach:

There are two alternatives that you can try if you don’t want to go for bleaching. They are natural and 100% risk-free.

If you want to disinfect your baby’s diapers and other clothes as well as then you can try them.

Dry In The Sun:

It’s a very old granny’s method! In our granny’s days, granny used to dry every single cloth out in the sun. She used to tell this reduces the risk of illness. But, there were no solid proofs to her but she was always right! How?

Drying in the sun kills the germs, bacteria, molds, yeast, and fungus from the clothes. After cleaning the cloth diapers in a general way, put them directly hanging below the sunlight. Make sure the sun is too bright and has enough temperature to make them dry. However, the cloth gets dry off in the cloudy days too and that is also quite effective.

If there were any stains, then you will notice a magical change in those stains. And the change is that the stains get disappeared.

If once cycle doesn’t give you enough satisfaction, you can clean them again and repeat the sun drying cycle.

 Lemon Juice:

Sometimes, the stains are so persistent that only drying in the sun doesn’t eradicate them.

So, I try a different method before putting them under the sundry. I wash the cloth diapers in a general way with detergent and hot water. Then I soak them in the mixture of lemon juice and water. Therefore, put for sun drying and walk away until they dry themselves. You can even apply lemon juice directly on the stains and put for sun drying. If the lemon juice is applied directly then you’ve to clean again them before you put on them to your baby.

 Final Words:

There were necessary things to know before you switch to bleach cloth diapers. I don’t prefer bleaching on the cloth. They are harsh for the cotton.

Do you know any other way to get rid of the stain from the cloth diapers? Feel free to share your secrets method to remove stains from the diapers.

So, enjoy healthy and relaxing parenthood! Keep every little thing about your baby clean and tidy. It gives them a healthy boost and development. And you and your child both will have a fantastic healthy bond.

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