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Babyletto Origami Mini Crib-The Ultimate Review

A crib is all the way very handy for your baby. It has its own peaks and perks and you can’t deny them. Being a new parent, you have so many responsibilities to fulfill. That's the term when you need to have a mini crib for your baby. So, let’s get through our Babyletto origami mini crib review.

Well, when it comes to fulfilling the needs of the baby, every parent wishes to get a tick mark on providing every essential need of their baby. Nevertheless, the price tag lets us think twice before investing in something which we are not sure whether it is worth or not.

The cradle, the toys, the crib, the play yard and what not? If we are spending on something, it should assure you that it is worth investing your hard-earned money.

Shifting the spotlight on the crib, I want you to know one of the best companies that assure the safety and comfort of your child right from Day 1!

Babyletto Origami Mini Crib, White

What Makes the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib Special?

We are bringing you one of the best reliable Babyletto origami mini crib reviews here. Our team of experts has reviewed this Babyletto origami mini crib assembly for multiple times with respect to children’s comfort zone.

There are many benefits and features that come with this mini crib. And you won't be disappointed after buying this for your little angel.

Flexible Construction:

This crib is made of the New Zealand sustainable pinewoods and Carb II Compliant MDF.

As safety is the basic essential that needs to be satisfied, it focuses on assuring a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the baby.

After being worked by many experts, the assembly was made quick and easy so that you do not have to spend on getting it assembled from outside.

Easy To Move:

The one is designed in such a way that it makes the transportation of the crib easier. If you are in the middle of some important work and at the same time your baby needs to be watched, then, worry no more!

The Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is here to help you manage the tasks simultaneously. The rollers attached to the crib allows you to move the crib throughout the entire space without any hassle.

A working woman shared her experience saying that the crib has been a savior as it helps to watch her child and still manage to get her work done.

Pack and Place:

Yes, this beautiful baby crib allows you to fold the crib and store in a closet or in a corner if it is not needed for a longer time. Thus, it can be a real space saver especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment.

Small Yet Strong:

The Crib is able to provide the same comfort, and the same feel as the full-size bed does with a size smaller!

As the crib possesses similar qualities as the full-size bed does, you can count on it as a spare crib or use it whenever you are traveling. Thus, your baby is comforted with the warm and safe feel throughout the journey.

2 Mattress Position:

Regarding the safety of the baby, it is designed to set in two different height settings.
Thus, you can use the mattress with a raised height during the initial days. As the baby grows, you can slightly lower the height of the mattress to minimize the chances of your baby falling from or climbing the bed.

Also, the crib includes a 1-inch Babyletto origami mini crib mattress pad and 4 locking casters. You can buy Babyletto origami mini crib sheets for supporting the mattress in a better way. It will make the mattress feel more comfortable in every way. 

The Non-Toxic Crib is What we Deliver:

As safety is the preliminary concern, we make sure to provide the product which meets the safety standards set by ASTM international and US CPSC. Thus, this crib is free from lead, phthalate, and other toxic elements.

Playful Colors And Style:

If you are planning for a subtle look or you are willing to enrich the beauty of your home, then, in either case, it sure has got something special for you!

Who doesn’t want a fashionable but comfortable crib for the baby? Your baby is not only going to love the comfort part of the things that you are going to provide. Obviously, his mind understands the beauty yet he can’t express. The Babyletto Origami is quite sleek and slim to look and feel.

It has variations of color. It is available in white, lagoon, and grey. Bring home the happy package by picking your desired color!

Like most of the parent choose Babyletto origami mini crib white over Babyletto origami mini crib grey model. But some parents prefer to love the lagoon one. So, it's you who can choose the color following your décor color and wall. If you have the brightest wall colors then going for Babyletto origami mini crib lagoon is a good choice. 

FAQ On Babyletto Origami Mini Crib:

Generally, there are some questions mini crib users have on their mind. Let's try to find out the answers to them.

Question 1: Why does the mattress is so thin?

Answer: Mattress for Babyletto origami mini crib is designed as a pad. You can't use it as a mattress. It's best to buy a pure mattress which is thick and enough comfortable for the baby. The mattress comes with this mini crib is complimentary. It would be foolishness to that for your baby's sleeping time. You obviously should buy a Babyletto mini crib mattress for allowing your baby the best sleep and playful time. 

Question 2: For how many years age babies are applicable for a mini crib?

Answer: Surely, you can't put your 5 years older child on the mini crib to sleep and play. As we know the mini cribs are around 38 x 25 inches long and wide. So, they are normally shorter than the standard cribs. So, when your baby is 3 years older, the mini crib won't be able to match his size. In that get a standard crib for allowing him enough comfort. A mini crib is not able to satisfy the baby's comfort when the baby is about 18 months.

Question 3: Where Babyletto Origami Cribs are manufactured?

Answer: Babyletto is manufactured in China and Taiwan. All the baby belongings are made with 100% solid New Zealand pine wood. 

Question 4: How to determine the difference between a mini crib and standard crib?

Answer: The mini cribs are also known as a portable crib. They are smaller in size where standard cribs are 28 x 52 inches wide and long. But the mini cribs are 24 x 38 inches wide and long.

Question 5: Is Mini Crib Safe for babies?

Answer: Mini cribs are the optional beds that you can put beside your bed. Thus, you can take care of your baby the whole night while he is having his peaceful sleep. You can even use them in the day time. Concerning for newborns babies, it's completely made from non-toxic materials. So, the baby can have a risk-free mini crib experience with a healthy life.

What Do Other Thinks About This Crib: 

Parents who have bought it have very positive feedback for its materials. It has all the safest non-toxic products for the construction. It is completely free from PVC, allergens, chemical flame retardants, PFCs, vinyl, synthetic latex, and other harmful materials.

Many working moms out there like its convenient transport system. Like, you can carry it to anywhere in the home or outside. The foldable features attract many parents as they can put it into the backside of the car and visit anywhere. And people who have a small space in their home can bring it now. It is easy to store even in the tiniest place. It doesn't require much space to store. 

What We Like:
  • A very stylish modern design. 
  • It's a GREENGUARD safe product for baby. 
  • Easy to store and transport. 
  • Durable and flexible wood construction with wheels. 
  • The wheels are efficient to roll on the flat surface.
What We Didn’t Like:
  • The mattress is not comfortable for the baby. So, you have to buy an extra thick mattress.

Final Words:

Keeping all the key features and top qualities aside for a moment, the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib can be the best gift your child may receive! So, increase the comfort of sleeping and playing of your baby by gifting his/her childhood companion! It's the budget-friendly mini crib in terms of all the features and benefits. You can get it now for your baby or gift to it your near relative's or friend's baby.

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2019)

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