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Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech

If you’re going in for a single delivery, there’s no problem at all. Everything you buy to set up your nursery is for that one child. But how do you plan for two babies? Do you make them share everything down the middle, or does each little one have one of everything for himself or herself?

If this is the dilemma you’re going through now before your upcoming deliveries, don’t worry because we’ve got everything sorted out for you. In presenting you a review of Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech, we place before you a good option for your soon-to-be-born twins.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech

If you’re looking for a carrier for both your twins together, nothing could be better than the Baby Trend® Twins Nursery Center. It is endowed with several enviable features, and as a young parent of twins, you will appreciate its worth as you use it every day.

This nursery center comprises a bassinet, spacious organizer and a flip-away changing table. It works on an easy locking mechanism which renders the entire unit stable. Its large wheels and brakes render it highly portable. The dimensions of this nursery center are 49.2 x 46 x 30.3 inches.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech


Removable Rock-a-Bye Bassinet:

This nursery center is singled out by its detachable and adjacent Rock-a-Bye Bassinet, each with its own canopy and handle, set in comfortable and luxurious fabric. The sides are meshed for sufficient ventilation and are also detachable. In each bassinet, you can find two toys.

The bassinet is sturdy and can hold up to 6.8 kg. Each bassinet is slim and ideal for newborns, lightweight and can easily carry twins together. This unit can also be converted into a stand-alone rocker. 


This nursery center is of a right and compact size, and comprises two detachable bassinets. It is space-saving and offers basic or extra sleeping space for baby twins. There’s some space between the bassinets where it is easy to store extra swaddles, blankets, sheets and toys.

Large Organizer:

 You can store a large supply of toys, changing necessities and diapers for your twins.

Sturdy and Stable:

This unit takes about 45 minutes to assemble, without the need of screws or bolts. The materials used here are excellent—right from the metal parts, the betting and plastic parts and parts for babies—all robust and of high quality.

Its wheels can be rolled and tilted and are neither tough to maneuver nor are they heavy. Each bassinet can be clipped onto both front and back of the nursery center for total stability.

For extra safety, the bassinets can be snapped on to the front and back.


This unit also contains a storage bag, travel bag, an electronic music center, complete with volume control, vibration and nightlight which incorporates a couple of music styles and sounds of Nature.


  • The components of this unit come flattened, so traveling with them is convenient.
  • Thoughtfully designed, this nursery center can easily be part of any nursery décor.
  • This unit comes with a small light in the bassinet which can be turned on if you want to check on them at night.
  • It works as a good playpen.


  • The instructions aren’t clear, so setting up the changing table is difficult.
  • The organizer cannot be used when the bassinets are being used. 


Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center was designed for young parents who need to take care of twins. Taking care of twins isn’t easy because there are an infinite amount of things you need to consider to take the best care of your babies. The convenience of having this unit is evident in the number of well-thought-out features, such as a changing table, storage space, tote bag, etc.—things that parents will always appreciate.

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2019)

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