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Baby Organics Diapers – Why To Choose Non-Toxic Diapers

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)

Among all the diapers, baby organics diapers have additional advantages that compel smart parents to buy it. If you’re someone who always prefers the best for your baby, it’s obvious that you will want the organic toxic-free belongings for your baby.

Being a parent of a newborn is quite enjoyable as well as stressful. Moms have more responsibilities than dads. Therefore, moms are always looking for the best for their babies.

From foods to clothes, moms need to take care of everything. Besides, they always try to make the best thing happen with the baby. When it comes to diaper, you can’t try every random diaper brand. Because it will only cause discomfort to your baby. And most importantly, the baby may get other health problems if the clothes and diapers that you’re using are not toxic-free.

However, how will you know what is the best diaper for your baby?

baby organics diapers for infants

Benefits To Choose Baby Organics Diapers:

We already know diapers are made of chemicals. But did we ever give a thought “are those chemicals toxic or non-toxic”?

For a newborn baby, you’ve to change 8-10 diapers a day.  So, you know that your baby is constantly wearing diapers. Whatever this number will get decreases when he started growing up. If the diapers are made of harsh and toxic chemicals will cause your baby skin irritation as well as discomfort.

Risks Of Using Disposable Diapers:

In the end, you can secure your baby’s health when you get non-toxic nature babycare diapers for your baby.

But, what are the health risk of using disposable diapers?

So, every mom has one common concern! What kind of diapers should they use?

Being a mom, I also went through the same trauma. Finally, I’m going to ease your trauma. Let’s get to know the health risks that have been caused by using wrong diapers.

The dangers of disposable diapers are very common among recent babies. Is your baby one of them suffering any danger?

  • Disposable diapers are made of dioxin. Dioxin isn’t good for the health. It is a harsh chemical that bleaches paper. It is mostly banned in most of the countries. But, in the USA it is still not banned. EPA declares it as the most toxic products of all time. It is liable to produce cancer cells in the body.
  • They are the most significant products to create landfills brutally. If you just look at the survey disposable diapers are the top 3rd landfills to create toxic waste in the ecosystem. If you don’t know let me tell you the few products that get disposed of in the soil are newspaper, beverage, and food containers. So, diapers used for a single baby is enough to produce 2000 pounds of toxic waste in just two years. Does this sound threaten you? Well, it should stress you! And the most stressful part is disposable diapers take hundreds of years to get decompose properly. Though most of the manufacturer of the diaper labels their diapers packet with biodegradable seal. Still, they never biodegrade in landfills.
  • On the other side, if we look at the practical part, disposable manufacturers are destroying 250,000 trees and this is increasing global warming. So, the whole world is going to face its consequence in a very short period. Still, there are a couple of places have turned into deserts for cutting down trees unanimously.
  • The disposable diapers are also engaged with oils for production. And the oil is the combination of other toxic chemicals too. And there are more than 50 different chemicals has been used for the diapers and these chemicals get attached to the skin easily. But you can get rid of this chemicals adjustment with the skin just using natural baby care products or cloth diapers.
  • All the disposable diapers contain SPA. SPA refers to sodium polyacrylate. Even the eco-friendly labeled diapers contain this chemical too. It’s just used to absorb the liquid into the diapers. But, the SPA is something very harmful and produces cancer.
  • There are also some dyes used for the additional design on disposable diapers. The usage of colors is not even healthy. Most of the babies get an allergic reaction to the body for the colored diapers. And many parents have complained about the seen rashes on the skin too. The rashes also appear for the dyes used in disposable diapers.
  • Disposable diapers also engaged with Tributyl-tin. It’s also one of the extremely toxic chemicals that causes hormonal imbalance to the body.
  • You should be more worried if you’re making disposable diapers wear to your baby boy. While diapers are worn for a longer period, an increased amount of temperature abuse the physical testicular cooling system. Finally, the boys can suffer from infertility in the further future.

Advantages Of Organic Cotton Diapers:

In the competition of organic v/s disposable diapers, organic diapers always stay further ahead, how?

So, you already know a long list of disadvantages of disposable diapers. So, we are going to discuss the advantages of organic cotton diapers.

Less Costly:

Where you’ve to spend $2,500 – $3,000 in the first two years for the disposable diapers, cotton diapers will cost you only hundreds of dollars in those two years.

 If you don’t know let me tell you, cloth diapers are reusable, washable, and durable for the longer period of use. So, if you buy plenty of cloth diapers, it will make you run for years without buying again.

Offers Toxic-Free Environment:

Cotton is easily decomposed in the soil. Moreover, the numbers of cotton cloth remain very less comparing to disposable diapers. If you’re buying two dozen cloth diapers for your baby, it will last for more than two years for one baby. And you can use them for another baby. All you’ve to do is to clean them finely.

No Irritation:

Since the cotton fabric is full of organic materials and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. So, it will keep the baby away from the skin irritation.

Comfortable and Healthy:

Your baby can never feel discomfort or saggy for wearing a cotton diaper. Because you’re going to change the diaper once it is wet. So, the baby feels the relaxation wearing the diapers.

Which One Do I Prefer?

I always prefer cotton diapers for my home use. But whenever I’m taking my baby out for the swimming in the pool, I never take any risk. So, I prefer disposable baby swimming diapers. Because, if the baby ruins the pool water, it will be an embarrassing moment for me.

Final Words:

Newborn babies are never potty trained. They tend to take 11 months to 18 months to get potty trained. So, diapers are very important for babies.

Specially, mom can go to work, malls, and public places carrying the baby along with themselves only depending on the diapers. So, every mom has to be health-conscious and choose baby organics diapers. If you find any difficulty to choose diapers for your baby, you can check out Nature babycare diapers review. They will save your time and money and also offer you the ultimate baby diapers experience.

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