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Things You Need To Know About Baby Food Freezer Containers

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

Do you want safe but cheaper ideas for the baby food freezer containers? Well, most of the parents are always concerned about how to freeze the baby safely. This bothers them in the worst scenario because food freezing impacts on the health badly if it goes wrong somehow. You have to consider healthy and safe ways to freeze baby foods.

When your baby starts eating solid food after a couple of months period, you need to know the proper way to make them and store them for a couple of days use.

It’s very time consuming and hassling to make baby foods every day and feed to the baby. So, today I’m going to share how I freeze baby foods safely and provide the best food experience for my baby.

Baby Food Freezer Containers usage

4 Ways To Freeze Baby Foods Safely Using Baby Food Freezer Containers:

I’m going to share some of my secrets but effective ways to store prepared baby food. Well, you can store baby food in the fridge and freeze both. Duration is the only thing that makes a difference. Well, you should have knowledge of the duration. Well, let me tell you the fridge keeps the flood lasted for 3 days and the freeze keeps the food good for 3 months. So, it’s you who have to determine which one to choose?

If you are preparing food for 2/3 days then it’s better to store foods in the fridge section. And if you are preparing foods for a longer period like months, you can freeze the foods into the freezer.

But how can you store baby foods? Well, let me share the 7 baby food container ideas which are cheaper and safer too.

Use Ice Cube Trays:

There are many useful baby food freezing containers. Among them, the cheapest one is ice cube trays, why? Actually, who doesn’t have ice cube trays in their home? Every home belongs a minimum piece of ice cube tray. So, you don’t need to buy additional ice trays for freezing foods. Still, if you want to buy some new brand ice cube trays for your baby, it won’t cost more than $1.

So, prepare a meal for your baby and fill the foods into the cube section. You can store ice tray in the freezer for using 2 to 3 months. Yet you have to be very careful and seek for the nutritionist’s help when you see any allergic reaction to your baby. Actually, the food which has been stored in the freezer for longer times causes food allergy. So, it’s better to get a consultation from the expert if you see any reaction in your baby.

Use Food Storage Bags:

This may sound really surprising if I say I used to store my baby’s meal into the sandwich bags and Ziplock bags. This is another cheap and very safe way to store foods for months. You can make a big meal for 3-4 months and store all the foods into a couple of sandwich bags. I prefer to store in both as it takes a little place in the freezer and also easy to take out whenever needed.

However, you can fill the one week serving into the ice cubes from the bags. It will offer you the best flexibility when you’re running out of time. And repeat filling from the Ziplock or sandwich bags when the ice cubes are finished. Make sure you’re getting the BPA free bags from the trusted super shop or online store. You can’t take the risk for your baby’s health in any way.

Breastmilk Container Bags:

Let me tell you, once I ran out of Ziplock bags and I stored food in breastmilk bags. You may have a question “Can breastmilk bags store solid?” Generally, breastmilk bags are good for storing liquid. So, your confusion is justified. Well, they are also reliable to store solids as well.

Every mom tends to have leftover breastmilk bags and they never thought to reuse them except throwing them. But I was very lucky when I get to know from an online blog that I can use them for freezing my baby’s food. It saved me from extra expenditure and provided me a great experience.

You can use the breastmilk bags same alike the Ziplock bags. The best part is you can reuse again and again.

Silicone Trays:

Have you ever thought about silicone trays to store baby foods in the freeze? This is a little bit costly but I will say it is really worthy and won’t break your bank account. One day my husband got me some silicone trays for storing our baby’s foods.

I loved those trays for a reusable feature and great infinity to the organization. It organizes food in a great way that you can take out the food and send that right away to the baby care. They are unbreakable until you force them into broken pieces. So, you can keep them for the next use when you will have your next baby.

Reusable Food Pouch:

Reusable is a term that is very popular for every parent. I also love everything which is reusable from diapers to baby food containers. In recent days, reusable baby food pouches have been very popular among conscious parents. But I didn’t like one thing about reusable food pouches. They only contain one meal serving into the per pouch. So, you have to get a lot of pouches if you’re only storing in these pouches.

Final Words:

I think you’re done with your concern about baby food freezing containers. I’ve discussed every possible cheap and hygienic way to store foods into the freezer. I’ll suggest you try multiple ways to freeze baby foods. And it will come in handy when you’re in a hurry.

The food that you’re storing will stay fresh for 3 months. So, you’re getting concern free serving for your baby. Whether you make him feed or keep the food to the baby care, the food is not going to harm him anyway.

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