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Baby Basics Diapers To Start Parenting

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2019)

When you’re baby has just come to the world, you can only rely on baby basic diapers. Basic diapers are always handy when you want to save money as well as provide the best comfort to your baby.

You can easily select diapers checking out available baby basics diapers reviews from the online. But, hardship comes when you’ve to maintain them perfectly.

Certainly, you’ve to follow effective ways to make sure the basics diapers are getting maintenance at its best level. If we look at the baby’s things, they always need to be organized. You also need to take care of them very carefully. Otherwise, your baby may suffer its consequence.

how to use baby basics diapersBest Ways To Maintain Baby Basic Diapers:

Most of the baby basics diapers review says how to use their diapers. But you can follow the specific ways to use any of the diapers.

Being a mom, I never compromise with my baby’s clothes, foods, toys, diapers, and the places where he plays. I always keep them arranged in the best way. And my baby likes them clean and tidy. So, I keep everything according to his choice.

Whatever using basics diapers is a great step for any mom. You’re helping to balance landfill. There is nothing to maintain when you use disposable diapers. You just have to buy them and use and just throw them in the bin. But, they’re one of the most dangerous landfills in recent time.

So, you’re switching to eco-friendly basic cloth diapers. And that’s not only for saving the environment. You’re helping yourself by the economy and preventing baby’s health issues too.

And you’re making yourself go through a couple of mess while you’re using only baby cloth diapers.

Now, I’m going to share my secrets with moms out there and helping you to solve your organic diapers using issue.

What Suits Your Baby?  – The Types Of Basics Diapers

Before we discuss the use of cotton diapers, I want to talk about what is the best selection for your baby? There are many basics diapers options to select from. You don’t need to try them all.You just need to your needs and select the one which fulfills all the requirements that you’re searching for.

There are four types of basics diapers you’ll get everywhere. Let’s know them in a short glance.

Pocket Opener:

There are some most popular diapers which include waterproof outer layer. You will see a dry inner layer that holds everything into it whenever baby pees.


It’s a very common and mostly used diaper. From our granny to mom, everyone knows about it.

Pre-fold diapers are made with a rectangular shape. They can be enclosed with fastener or safety pins comes with them. These diapers are divided into three parts equally so that the baby’s both feet can get into the leg section and still there are enough clothes to fasten.

All In One:

All in one is a special type of organics diapers. They are comfortable for the babies. You can easily use them with a higher level of confidence. Because they have an outer waterproof layer.


They are similar to disposable diapers in terms of designs and look. But they can be fastened with velcro or snaps. You can’t apply any other procedure to tie them.

Finally, you know all the types of cotton basic diaper types. Now, you can choose among them. Because you already know what type you’re looking for.

How Many Diapers Do You Need For A Week?

You just don’t need to buy hundreds of cotton diapers. Only disposable diapers need to be bought in large numbers. From my personal experience, I can say you can manage with 20-24 cotton diapers without any hassle.

Because newborns need 12-15 changes a day. So, you have to immediately wash them and put them for dry. And the rest is for emergency case.

How To Use Basics Diapers For Babies:

So, you own plenty of organic cotton diapers! However, it’s necessary to keep them clean.

Furthermore, you’ve to know how to use them.

  • Likewise, the baby cotton clothes, you need to wash them when you get them new. Just don’t put on new diapers on the baby. If you’re using a washing machine to clean them, set hot cycle and a little bit of non-fragrance mild detergent.
  • You’ve to change the diapers frequently. Even though the baby isn’t making diapers dirty. But cotton diapers need to be changed after every two hours. If the baby is sleeping, there is no need to change it until he wakes up and unless he pees or poops.
  • When it is about diapers storing, you can usually store them in your wardrobe or any clean drawer. But make sure the diapers are getting in touch with any dirty clothes. To prevent it, you can make a cover or get a zipped bag to store them separately.

How To Clean Cotton Cloth Diapers:

Washing baby’s clothes or diapers is a real mess. You’ve to be very careful. Because there is no chance to take a risk with the baby’s health.

  • If the diapers are dirty, don’t just keep them in a random place or floors. Get a fixed bucket or basket and keep them there.
  • Only keeping them in the basket is just not an ideal step. You can wash the diapers with clean water and keep them in the containers. It offers you benefits that you can’t deny. There is high of getting a bacterial infection if there is stool or pees in the diapers. So, washing off them prevents the risk of infection in the diapers. And then you may take a too long time to throw them in the machine or you manually wash them.

Steps To Wash Diapers:

  • Remove solids from the diapers.
  • Keep the diapers under the tap and use the highest water flow.
  • Keep rinsing only with water and no detergent in this step.
  • Now take 1 tbsp of detergent in the hot water in the bucket and mix well. Put the diapers for in the hot water and then wait for 20-30 minutes.
  • Now rinse them again with cold water until the bubbles are not completely vanished from the diapers.
  • You’re all set! Keep them to dry in enough flow of air.

Final Words:

Finally, you know all the secrets and methods to use and wash cotton diapers. Washing and keeping them clean to ensure a healthy life for your baby. You can’t take a risk with your baby’s health. That’s why you must take every precaution that you can take. Disposable diapers are costly and require no maintenance. Once the diapers are dirty, you just throw it away.

But cotton diapers are reusable and you can use them again and again if they are maintained clean and hygienic. Therefore, you must keep them clean in every way. Only cleanliness can save your baby from any unwanted diseases.

So, follow them and let us know any other method that you follow for cleaning diapers.

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