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How Long Do Babies Wear Newborn Diapers Size?

(Last Updated On: November 17, 2019)

You have bought dozens of newborn diapers size for your upcoming baby or newborn. But, did you know those diapers aren’t going to fit onto your baby after a certain time? So, the money that you’ve spends for the diapers going to be wasted. So, the concern is How Long Do Babies Wear Newborn Diapers Size Sometimes, there is a big sale come on the superstore and you think to buy a couple of boxes of diapers. Well, they are going to last but what about the size when your baby outgrows the diaper size?

So, the disaster moment may arise when you have left a lot of diapers packet left but nowhere to use.

Know how long do babies wear newborn diapers size

When To Know You Can’t Use Newborn Diapers Size?

Size is always a crucial matter when it’s about newborn socks, dress, shoes, caps, and diapers too. If the size is too loose or tight, the baby won’t have the best comfort level and end up being baby colic. So, your parenting experience will become harder to enjoy.

However, you have to know the final duration to go with the size of the newborn diapers. There are many perspectives that you can follow before you determine whether you should move on or not from the newborn size.

Baby Weights:

Every baby comes with a different weight. Some are bigger and have more weight than average babies. Generally, the average baby weight is around 6 pounds. But there are some rare cases when babies have 10 pounds born weight. So, 6- and 10-pounds weight aren’t compatible with the same size of newborn diapers size.

Else, the manufacturing diapers companies make the newborn diapers size according to 6 pounds weight. So, your baby will be all way to go with the newborn size.

But, if your newborn is approximately 10 pounds, you need to take 1 size larger than the newborn size. Else, when your 6 pounds baby crosses 10 pounds, you also need to change the newborn size.

On the other hand, you can realize that the newborn baby loses weight within 14-20 after being born. This is the period when the baby is breastfed by the mother and eventually the newborn loses weight. In that case, you should consult a doctor if your baby is having the ideal weight or not.

He V/S She:

There is a little interesting thing that I want to tell you about the newborn boy and girl babies. Newborn boys and girls don’t have the same weight and size. Boys tend to have more weight than girl babies. And if you measure their height, boys are always ½ inch longer than the baby girls. In this condition, you need to change newborn diapers size for baby boys earlier than the baby girls. Whatever, you have to be more careful about the outgrown size of the baby if it is a boy.

Premature Born Babies:

Babies who come faster than the delivery time tend to have less weight. A premature baby is lighter than the general babies who get delivered at the right time. So, you can’t bring the same size for a prematurely born baby. You have to consider the weight and size. Sometimes, the size of the newborn diaper doesn’t fit on the premature babies. As they little and lighter compared to full-time babies. Because they don’t have enough muscle and fat cells in the body as normal babies have. In this condition, you can look for the newborn extra small size of the diapers. And then you can move on the other sizes gradually.

How Many Diapers Your Baby Needs In A Day?

We rarely know how many times we have to change the diapers of our babies. But we can have a minimum idea of it. Actually, newborn babies are mostly on liquid milk intake and all day they do is peeing. And depending on the mother’s diet, their stool appears multiple times.

However, how many diapers do they need in a day? It’s a hard question but the surprising fact is they need 10-12 diapers in a day. So, you can keep in store diapers for a month after doing a calculation.

I’ve read a lot of online surveys and got to know the average number of diapers used for a baby is 2500-3000 a year. But, your baby won’t remain the same throughout the first year in terms of weight and shape.

How To Choose The Right Size For The Baby:

Every diaper has its own size. And you have to know which is the size of your newborn. Since we are talking about newborn disposal diapers, we will let you know all the details of it according to the size and duration.

So, let’s look into our chart which has been made after a lot of research.

Size Weight Limit Age Duration
Newborn Diapers More than 10 lbs. 1st day to 30/40 days
Size 1 More than 14 lbs. 2nd month to 4th month
Size 2 More than 12-18 lbs.

5th-month 7th month

Size 3 More than 16-28 lbs. 8th  month to 1 year
Size 4  More than 22-37 lbs.


1 year to 1.6 years
Size 5 More than 27 lbs. 1.7 to 2 years
Size 6 More than 35 lbs.


2 years to more

So, you can follow the chart and get the right size diaper for your little angel. Remember, the wrong size diaper will only cause him discomfort and irritation. Do you want to take that risk?

Final Words:

Once you decide the right size, it won’t stay fit for a long time. If you experience a blowout in diapers that often occur when the size is outgrown, you have to increase the diaper size. Else, if you notice red scratches or marks in between legs or in the waist, the diaper is definitely the wrong size. You need to change the diaper size immediately.

Give the priority to your baby’s comfort when you see the diapers look small or snug on the baby’s baby. It happens only when the size is wrong and you don’t have any other option rather than changing the size.

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