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7 Safety Tips to Keep Your Little One in The Crib

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2019)

Rearing, a child is not a child’s play. They believe in being inquisitive and are really temperamental, most of the time. Each stage of their childhood brings new challenges to meet.

The ages between 1-3 years are really trying for the parents. The baby grows exponentially, brimming with energy and with an undying resolve to escape his crib, the tiny elf is really hard to confine.

Remember, how peacefully your baby lost away in 40 winks when he wasn’t a year old? But now he’s all growing up & scaling the sides of his crib as enthusiastically as he wants to know more about everything around him.

7 Safety Tips to keep your little one in the crib

So, if you’re worried about how to make your little angel stay in the crib, here are few tips-

Warm the crib-

Would you like to sleep, if you’re cold and wet? I guess, no & so is the child. Ensure before putting the little ones in the crib, that it’s warm and comfortable. The baby won’t try to escape anymore. Cold crib will definitely give him or her a reason to stay awake & he’ll utilize the opportunity to scale its sides.

No temptation-

If you’ve more children in your home other than the little one, ask them to leave the room and let the toddler sleep peacefully. The toddler might want to join his or her seniors in their games and thus tries to climb up the sides of the crib. Sometimes, the seniors could be the accomplices encouraging him or her to come out of the crib.

If she or he’s alone in the room, he won’t have any temptations or encouragements to leave his or her cozy crib.

Set-up a time-

Set up a routine for the toddler to sleep and stick to it. Put up the baby in the crib only, when it’s genuinely the sleeping hours. The baby should know that putting up in the crib means to sleep away peacefully and not make a mess.

Finish the feeding, bathing, diaper change etc. prior to the sleeping time. Sleeping time is strictly the SLEEPING TIME.

Initially, it could be difficult, but you’ll learn its importance after a few weeks.

Change his attire-

Don’t forget to change him into a sleep sack or other comfy stuff, before putting him into the crib.

Though diapers aren’t required for toddlers still if you think, tie a diaper before he goes into the dreamland.

Use clean & laundered stuff according to the weather & make sure the baby is comfortable in those clothes.

If comfortable, the child will easily go to sleep.

Safety Tips to keep your little one in the crib

Let him play-

If your child is oozing with energy, don’t put him in the crib. Steer his attention towards some action like playing or running around or some other activity. Let him consume his energy before putting him to sleep. When tired, he will go to sleep without much fuss.

Being active will also help him digest his food perfectly & thus he’ll have no issues when he is put up in his crib to rest.

Crib tent-

If you’re well aware of the atrocious mindset of your el who knows how to fake sleep & then scale the sides of his cute crib, then go the trodden path.
Use a crib tent, canopy for the cute little crib. It’ll not only adore the lovely crib but will give a sigh of relief to you as it’s not easy anymore to climb up the crib for the toddler.

Setting the mattress-

Set the mattress on the lowest for the imp, it’ll give him or her a little support to scale the walls of the crib.

Usually, babies aren’t very tall & when the mattress is set at the lowest, the chances of climbing is reduced as the height is a bit too much for the little one.

Though this isn’t a guarantee but still it’ll discourage the little one from ascending on the sides of the crib.

Though the above tips are tried & tested by many moms but still every time it’s a new mom & a new toddler, so nobody can vouch for the success of these tips. All you’ve to do is use them as per the need arises. If you still observe your little one scaling the crib walls, take care of your little one by bringing him in the same room. You can share your room but remember, never let your baby share your bed.

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