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Why Should You Buy Night Time Diapers?

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2019)

Sleep is the most precious time for anyone and special for babies. Normal diapers can’t allow a child to get a peaceful sleep at night. So, how to ensure nighttime baby sleep properly? You should get the best night time diapers for your baby.

To save your baby from unwanted disturbance, you can get the best night diapers for toddlers. You will notice a lot of side effects on the baby’s skin if the diaper isn’t working for your baby. And the wrong diapers will fail to keep your infant dry at night.

So, make sure the overnight diapers are giving full protection to your baby.

father making his baby sleep in night time diapers

Types Of Night Time Baby Diapers To Choose From:

There are varieties of night time diapers! But which one will you choose for your baby?

Before you choose overnight diapers for your baby you need to know their real types and functionality. Then you can know which one will satisfy your baby’s sleep and comfort level.

I faced a lot of confusion when I had to choose a thing for my baby. The prior struggle is that which one is the best? And how will you find out the best one?

Let me tell you one secret about finding the best one! First of all, find types of particular, benefits, advantages, and usage. Check which one provides you the maximum flexibility and that’s how you get the appropriate one for you.

However, let’s know the types of diapers for overnight safety from leakage and wet feelings.

Disposable Diapers:

You can choose disposable diapers if you don’t want to repeat the use and throw away once the diaper is done. There are two layers of fabric in the disposable diapers which make them flexible for the whole night overflow.

Generally, the wet excretions of your baby get easily absorbed in the pad. So, the baby gets a non-interrupted sleep overnight.

The pad of disposable diapers is made of crystal gel element which can absorb 800 times more liquid than its real weight. Whenever the baby makes the diapers wet, the pad turns the liquid into gel.

The baby won’t feel any irritation in the skin. Because the gel formation process doesn’t cause any pressure to the baby’s body or skin.

I love disposable diapers for my baby. I tried cloth diapers but the best satisfaction that I get is only with disposable diapers. But disposable diapers cost me more money but also provide the best comfort level to my child.


Flats are flexible to turn them into the shape you want. The flats are made of squares shape fabric which is layered. So, moms can fold them according to their choice and requirement.

Flats are very cheap in the market comparing to other diapers. They are reusable but all the benefits are similar to disposable diapers. You can wash them and reuse again. It is worthy to get because it saves your money as well as offer you the overnight flexibility.

Cloth Diapers:

Cloth diapers are very popular for those moms who love everything organics. These diapers are eco-friendly and quite cheap too. Moreover, they don’t become a burden on landfills. On the other hand, these are comfortable and offer your baby overnight safety.


Pre-folds come in a rectangular shape and divided into three sections. There are absorbent layers in the middle of the diapers. You’ve to use pins to fasten them. You also need to get cover to use them. These are mostly eligible for newborns.


Pull-ups are special types of diapers that are similar to normal underwear. If you’re making your baby potty trained then this kind of diapers are mostly preferable.

So, if your baby accidentally fails to go to the toilet for the potty, the diaper will manage to secure. And if he can go to the toilet at the right time, he can pull the diaper and do his potty.


These diapers are specially made for infants. They are made of only cloth and there is no plastic material used for making them. There are flexible fasteners that come with these diapers. So, you can tie them in the waist of the baby easily. Well, the newborn babies have sensitive skin and Swaddlers are just ideal for them.

Contour Diapers:

Contour is similar to disposable but they fitted on the baby mostly. These diapers are very popular for the wide wings. So, the baby can get overnight protection from leakage. Some of the contour diapers need to be fastened with Velcro. But some of them are manufactured with a special mechanism to lock perfectly.

Pocket Diapers:

Pocket diapers provide the maximum available sizes for every age. So, from your infant to 3 years old child, you will be able to use pocket diapers. To use them, you need to get additional covers.

Hybrid Diapers:

You can get the benefits of disposable diapers and cloth diapers in one diaper. They are specially made with a dual combination of disposable and cloth diapers. There are dual inner absorbent layers that absorb the maximum of the liquid flow. And the out cover won’t get wet. Though the covers are reusable and the longevity is satisfactory. Hybrid diapers contain minimum chemical and easily biodegradable.

All In One Diaper: 

These diapers are the life savior to many moms. Their cover is waterproof and inserts absorbent layers absorb like a pro. You can easily tie it to the hips of your child. All you need Velcro or snap fasteners. All in one diaper are similar to pocket diapers but they have thick absorbency layers. So, these diapers are eligible for overnight protection.

Things To Consider Before You Choose Baby Night Diapers:

It is not about spending money will bring you the best thing always. You have to know some key factors that will tell you whether the product is going to provide you the features you’re looking for.

So, there are some must necessary things to consider before you select an overnight diaper for your child.

Let’s know them!

What Is The Diaper Made Of?

This is very important for you to check the material of the diapers. The diapers have many types and they are made of different materials. But, every material isn’t safe and healthy for your toddler’s health. Toxic and plastic should be avoided for the upper level of the diapers. Because upper absorbency level always interacts with the baby’s skin. So, you should look for the non-toxic cloth materials, easily breathable, and hypoallergenic top layer. As a result, the baby won’t get any skin irritation.

Moisturized Liner:

The liner keeps the diaper fit to the body. So, the leakage doesn’t occur. Liner always gets attached to the baby’s skin and can cause rashes, dry patches, and allergic reactions. So, you can get those diapers in which liners have lotions, glycerin, or petroleum. Some manufacturers use a little bit of fragrance and that gives a more good feeling about diapers.

Unfortunately, some infants are prone to allergic to fragrance or scent. Some infants get allergies or rashes on the skin while they are being worn fragranced clothes or diapers. In that case, you can avoid scented diapers and only look for the moisturized liner to keep the skin safe from dryness.

Absorbency Capacity:

In the daytime, you can check out if the diapers need to be replaced or not. But in the nighttime, the absorbency is very important. Because you can’t change the diaper again and again. It interrupts your baby’s sleep.

So, you need to get a diaper brand that can absorb liquid at an extreme level. Therefore, the baby can enjoy a peaceful sleep. You must need to be careful the baby doesn’t feel any wet or cold feeling at night.

How to check out the absorbency? If there are multiple layers of in a diaper, that diaper has a higher capacity of absorbency.

Disposable V/S Cloth:

Which one is the best diaper – disposable or cloth? There is no straight answer unless you use both of them. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you have a very tight budget you can choose cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are reusable and run months after months.

On the other hand, disposable diapers are costly and one use.

So, it’s you who can decide which one you should buy?


Fit diaper keeps the baby comfortable. On the other hand, if the diaper is too tight, it causes suffocation to the baby. Else, the loose diaper occurs leakage of the liquid.

So, look for the flexible diapers which can fit any size. There is a special mechanism system that can be adjusted with any kind of size.

How To Maintain Diaper Routine Easily?

Whenever you need to change the diaper, you need to change it. But there should be a regular timing that you should follow always.

Let’s discuss at a stretch all the details!

  • Make a schedule routine for changing the diaper. Babies like routine in their daily life. You just can’t randomly pick a time and take him for the shower or put him a nap. Babies like to sleep at a definite time daily. Likewise, you should interrupt their diaper changing following a fixed routine.
  • You always should put a new diaper before the baby is going for asleep. It will keep the baby the whole night in peace. Changing the diaper before sleep time is very important. Because you don’t want to ruin the baby’s sleep in between the sleep time for changing the diaper. Else, if you put on a new diaper before the sleep, it will keep him comfortable for the whole night. And you don’t have to go through the mess of the diaper changing in the middle of the night.
  • For the nighttime, you just can’t pick a random diaper after every single week. You should choose a constant diaper for the maximum period. Nighttime diapers are costly and you get its benefits too. So, there is no need to go for the cheaper options which often fails to provide the maximum comfort level to the baby at night.
  • Peeing in the diaper at night doesn’t require any change. But you need to change the diaper if your baby pooped into the diaper. Don’t turn on the light when you need to change the diaper at night without disturbing the baby’s sleep. You can turn on the dimmed light and change the diaper as softly as you can. So that the baby doesn’t get any sleep interruption.
  • In the nighttime, the diapers need to be very fit on the body. Don’t choose diapers that are very loose or tight. Both of these are harmful to the baby. When you’re spending money on the diapers, make sure the diaper is multiple time absorbent than its real weight. And the diaper you’re choosing must fit on the body comfortably and won’t leak. In my opinion, cloth diapers are comfortable for overnight protection and also give comfortable flexibility.
  • Most of the time, babies get awake at night when they feel hungry. So, you feed him in the middle of the night. But that’s the right time to change diapers when he’s already awake. Because this won’t interrupt his sleep. So, when your baby wakes up for the sleep, change the diaper before feeding. Because he falls asleep immediately after the feeding is done. And if you change the diaper after feeding, he will feel annoying.

Final Words:

So, it was all the details for the night time diapers! Remember one thing, a good quality diaper isn’t only enough to ensure the proper night sleep at night. Your every taken step should be proper and effective for the baby.

Do you have your techniques to maintain nighttime diapers routine? Share with us in the comment section below.

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